Our Projects

Sidestreams tackles issues surrounding food access through multiple programs and projects. Each one attempts to educate individuals while building a greater sense of community built around urban agriculture.  We also have a ton of fun along the way.

500 Gardens in Madisonville.

The 500 Gardens project goal is to give Madisonville residents and businesses the chance to grow their own vegetables successfully, for a minimal initial investment.  This calls for not only getting a 4 feet by 8 feet raised garden bed, but also acquiring some basic gardening knowledge, plus someone to coach the new gardener through their first season.

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Madisonville Garden Market

The market accepts Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, which enables low income shoppers better access to fresh food.  The market sells fresh local produce and eggs all raised on the premises by LCS youth.

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Newport Community Gardens

In the fall of 2014, Sidestreams joined forces with a movement of community gardening in Newport, KY. The “Newport Community Gardens” were initiated by the Brighton Center and the Doug and Shelia Bray Foundation. Sidestreams collaborates with the project by supplying resources, tools, plants, plans, staff and volunteers.

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Lighthouse Community School
Urban Ag Program

Sidestreams was born out of partnership with Lighthouse Community School (LCS). Our founder Steve Rock, built two 4 feet by 4 feet garden beds in 2011 at LCS and the rest is history. We provide materials for building projects, seeds, soil, and starts for their garden. We also help coordinate and train volunteers to supplement student labor. The assistance and advice we provide to Geoff Becker, the urban ag. teacher, allows for more one on one instruction for students with special education needs.

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500 Chickens in Madisonville

500 Chickens in Madisonville is a spin-off of 500 Gardens. The goal is to get 500 laying hens in Madisonville. Fresh eggs along with fresh veggies to increase the food access in Madisonville.

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Summer Work Program

The Summer Urban Agriculture Work Program is a job training opportunity for youth who live in Lighthouse Youth Services’ group homes or who live in the Madisonville neighborhood. Over the 8 week program the youth tend the garden, harvest, learn to cook and eat their produce.

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